Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness lasted 9 months for me (or exactly 38 weeks), every morning I would throw up…more than once, sometimes because my body needed food and other times just because…well I called it pregnancy; food would not help that one.

I was never much of a breakfast eater; I used to have green tea and maybe a snack like a biscuit. Pregnancy made me crave more, like coffee with milk and toast with vegemite, cereals and orange juice etc. Dry crackers first thing in the morning though seemed to have a certain kind of control on the morning sickness though not much.

During the day I had to be continually snacking in-between meals on crackers and soda water or else I would find myself being sick…yet again.

Some days, well at last 1 day a week, my body just would not let me take any food at all and I would be throwing up every ½ hour all throughout the day. The only thing I could manage to get into my ravenously hungry body was my beloved soda water and crackers. And so it continued like this for the whole 9 months.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things I Wish I Was Told When I Was Expecting..

If you ask any first time pregnant mum what her greatest fear is, she will probably say 'giving birth', and for me it was exactly that.  I always heard that everything was fine after the birth and you forget everything and fall in love with your baby and live happily ever after......

..Well sorry ladies but that is totally not true.  Your worst fear should be the first few weeks (or months for some) after you have given birth.  That is the time that you need support. I know that for some women they just breeze through and fall in love with their baby at first sight, but I was not one of those women.  Giving birth only took about 5 hours of terrible and excruciating pain and of which afterwards and for a few weeks more I was still in terrible pain.

Breastfeeding was a horrible shock and I could not get anything to come out, I ended up with a breast infection I tried pumping and pumping and gave up in a week and went to formula.  My mum however was very supportive and made me keep pumping every two hours to keep up my milk supply and eventually I was able to put my baby back on the breasts every now and then and only bottle feed sometimes.  By 3 months I was fully breastfeeding and by 6 months I had no pain. I am fully grateful for the support I had to keep it up, formula is not only more work but not nearly as healthy as breast-milk.

List of things I found out myself (that I wish I was told)

♥ You do NOT forget childbirth
♥ The pain does NOT go away as soon as you see your baby
♥ You do NOT fall in love with your baby at first sight (This takes time)
♥ Breastfeeding is incredibly painful and takes months to get used to. Be Prepared.