Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness lasted 9 months for me (or exactly 38 weeks), every morning I would throw up…more than once, sometimes because my body needed food and other times just because…well I called it pregnancy; food would not help that one.

I was never much of a breakfast eater; I used to have green tea and maybe a snack like a biscuit. Pregnancy made me crave more, like coffee with milk and toast with vegemite, cereals and orange juice etc. Dry crackers first thing in the morning though seemed to have a certain kind of control on the morning sickness though not much.

During the day I had to be continually snacking in-between meals on crackers and soda water or else I would find myself being sick…yet again.

Some days, well at last 1 day a week, my body just would not let me take any food at all and I would be throwing up every ½ hour all throughout the day. The only thing I could manage to get into my ravenously hungry body was my beloved soda water and crackers. And so it continued like this for the whole 9 months.

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